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About Us

Hampton-Haddon Marketing Corporation is a private label manufacturer of fine writing instruments, time pieces and luxury gift accessories. Founded 42 years ago in 1977, Hampton-Haddon Marketing Corporation is a Veteran-owned American full-service source for luxury specialty gifts.

Founded by Stephen Zipf and the late David Peters, Hampton-Haddon has served many international luxury brands and confidentially created whole lines of fine writing instruments or clocks for private label customers and licensed brands.

Our philosophy and our job is to make our customers’ lives easy and profitable.

We work with your brand from concept to delivery. We focus on every detail to be within your budget and on time.

Together with our network of partner manufacturers around the world, we design, develop, source production, market, sell, warehouse inventory, distribute worldwide and do full warranty service for all our product lines. Our long success is built upon service, design integrity, quality and most importantly, value to the user.

We are located in Philadelphia, PA and Cambridge, MA.

About Us: About Us
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