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Writing Instrument Product Development

About our process

Hampton-Haddon has long specialized in “turn-key” development of private label fine writing instruments, clocks and gift accessories for top luxury brands.  These categories often serve as a complement to core product lines.

We offer ball point pens, mechanical pencils, roller ball pens and fountain pens in many different materials and finishes.  Our pens can be plated or lacquered brass, resin, aluminum, sterling silver or gold.

Our confidential services include design, tooling and sample production, packaging, manufacturing, importing, quality control, warehousing and distribution. We make sure our customers find whatever they’re looking for and make sure they’re satisfied with our services and product quality.

We always make sure our customer's image and interpretation of their brand is exactly what they expected. Design, price point, profit margin and quality all come together.

We have worked with sports teams to commemorate a winning season, crystal brands, jewelers, fashion houses, men's accessory labels and world renowned museums.

The result of our development is a pen, which as a gift or personal purchase is used and remembered for a lifetime.

Evolution_Celestial_Lifestyle 1.jpg


Whether you have a design in mind or want to use one of our design partners, we work with you to design a pen or a family of pens that meets your brand and marketing goals. Our design team can find inspiration in every element of your brand, whether it's the latest spring fashion, a pattern on the front door of your shop or a legacy logo, we can use these as inspiration for a flagship writing instrument.



Once the concept has been determined together we work with yours or our designers to transform your inspiration into a writing instrument design.


Sampling and Production

Once the design is finalized, we produce samples of the writing instruments in one of our partners' state of the art factories.  Upon sample approval, we proceed with production and deliver 100% on time and 100% quality.

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The end product is a beautiful pen that our customer is happy to add to their brand collection or give as a corporate gift.

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