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Got a question regarding one of our services? Check out our most frequently asked questions and receive the answers to all your inquiries. We want to make sure everything is clear to you when you purchase one of our top quality products. If you still have a question for us, feel free to contact us.

Where can I find your pens?

We source pens for museums, stationery stores and other gift brands.  Many of our customers like to keep their identity private, which we respect.  We are publicly known for our production of the collections at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which can be found on the Met's website and at select gift stores and stationery retailers.

What makes a pen a great gift?

Pens are beautiful and functional.  They show good taste for both women and men.  A pen is perfect whether in a personal or corporate environment.  People nearly always appreciate receiving a new pen on any special occasion.

What’s the difference between a ball pen and a rollerball?

Ball pens are filled with a viscous ink that is less likely to dry out over time.  A ball pen refill will last for approximately 300 legal-size pages of writing or about 10,000 meters.  Rollerballs use a water-based ink that produces a smoother feel when writing, but can dry up if left uncapped (much like a fountain pen).  Rollerball refills last for approximately 30 legal-size pages of writing or about 1,000 meters.

Do you repair pens?

We no longer offer repair services. We will gladly recommend one of our friends in the writing instrument community to help fix your pen.

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